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Low Noise

The solid and balanced structure minimizes vibrations and provides a quieter and more comfortable working environment.

Food Grade Stainless Steel Design

It breaks down waste safely with its food-grade stainless steel design.

Long Maintenance Intervals

It allows you to work uninterruptedly with long maintenance intervals.

Overload Sensors

The automation system detects overload situations and automatically rotates the machine in the opposite direction.

Wear-Resistant Stainless Blades

It offers long-term chopping with its blades made of high quality stainless steel.

High Efficiency

Cocoa crushing machines shred ingredients quickly and effectively thanks to the combination of high torque and low speed.

Quick Blade Change

It works uninterruptedly with its easily replaceable cutter blades.

Easy to Use

The user-friendly control panel and simple design ensure easy operation of the machine.


Cocoa Butter Blocks Crushing Machine, Increased Efficiency in Chocolate and Cocoa Products;

Cocoa butter blocks crushing machines are devices that play an important role in the production of chocolate and cocoa products. These machines break large blocks of cocoa butter into smaller pieces, making them easier to process in production processes. Offering high efficiency, durability and precision, cocoa butter block crushing machines help chocolate makers and cocoa processors optimize their production processes. Cocoa butter blocks crushing machine is a device that breaks large and solid cocoa butter blocks into smaller pieces. These machines are important equipment for chocolate makers working with cocoa butter because they make processing and mixing of cocoa butter easier.

Large blocks of cocoa butter are fed into the shredding machine. Cocoa butter blocks are broken and broken into smaller pieces by powerful blades or rollers inside the machine. The crushed cocoa butter is divided into pieces of desired sizes and included in the production process. The crushed cocoa butter pieces are directed to the collection chamber and transferred from there to other processing machines.

Advantages of Cocoa Butter Blocks Shredding Machine;

TSH-Series solid waste shredders are the result of strong production capacity, powerful drive motors and performance-oriented machine configuration. The design consisting of a long rotor, a large screen surface and optimized cutter geometry provides the performance you need in your facility. High performance requires reliable machine operation, which we ensure with a complete range of high-quality technological components.


Thanks to the special mounting of the rotor, dust-protected bearings, tried-and-trusted shock damping and special cutting tools, the solid waste shredder requires very little maintenance. It has a long service life. Intelligent drive control automatically turns off the shredder motor if foreign objects enter the shredder. In addition, the solid waste shredder is equipped with an automatic reversal function to prevent the motor from overloading.

Cocoa Butter Blocks Shredding Machine
Performance and Efficiency

Food Grade Stainless Steel Design

It breaks down waste safely with its food-grade stainless steel design.

Energy efficiency

Engines and systems that provide high energy efficiency reduce operating costs and reduce environmental impacts.

Long Lasting Blades

High-quality steel blades are resistant to wear and ensure long-term use.

High Efficiency

Cocoa crushing machines shred ingredients quickly and effectively thanks to the combination of high torque and low speed.

TSH-Series Single Shaft Solid Waste Shredding Machines designed for continuous operation;

In chocolate production facilities, in the processing and breaking down of cocoa butter required for chocolate production. In cocoa processing facilities, the processing of cocoa butter and its inclusion in production processes. In pastry and dessert production, in the preparation of cocoa butter for the production of cocoa butter-based products. In food research and development, in the cracking of cocoa butter for the development of new cocoa butter and chocolate products.

Cocoa butter blocks crushing machines play a critical role in the production of chocolate and cocoa products. With advantages such as high efficiency, precision, durability and ease of use, these machines help manufacturers obtain quality and homogeneous cocoa butter pieces. As MT Makina, we are pleased to offer cocoa butter blocks crushing machine solutions that suit your needs.

Technicial Specifications

Rotor Boyu (mm)
Parçalama Alanı (mm)
Motor Gücü (kW)
500 X 500
  • Double Shaft Shredder is used for processing plastic, paper, cardboard, textile, wood, animal waste, cable, car tire, etc. It effectively breaks down waste such as

  • No, we have different rotor designs depending on the waste type.

  • Blade replacement is easy thanks to our disc-shaped or bolted blade designs.

  • No, different types of steel are used depending on the waste to be shredded. The hardness values of steel are also applied according to the waste.

  • Thanks to the fixed blades in the shredder, waste does not get stuck in the rotor.

  • Feeding can be done manually, by conveyor or by scoop.

  • Different sizes of sieves can be used, but this directly affects the capacity.

  • In case of jamming, the rotor stops working and rotates in the opposite direction thanks to the automation system. The light and audible warning system on the panel is activated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Optional Features

  • Feeding Table Design

  • Dual Engine Design

  • Automatic Lubrication Unit

  • Sieve in Different Sizes

  • Hydraulic Opening Hopper System

  • Boiler Mounting Applications