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Farklı Ölçülerde Üretim

İhtiyacınıza göre uzun metrajlarda, farklı kapasite ve ölçülerde üretimlerimiz mevcut.


Hız Kontrolü

Metal seperatör bant hızı, taşıma verimliliğini optimize etmek için ayarlanabilir.


Kapalı veya Açık Tasarım

Kullanım amacına ve malzeme türüne bağlı olarak kapalı veya açık manyetik metal seperatör tasarımlarımız mevcuttur.


Otomatik Yağlama

Opsiyonel olarak kullanılan otomatik yağlama sayesinde bakım gerektirmez.


Fluorescent Lamp Crushing and Disposal Machine, Effective Solution in Waste Management;

Fluorescent lamps are widely used due to their energy efficiency and long life. However, they must be disposed of correctly at the end of their useful life because these lamps contain hazardous substances such as mercury. Fluorescent lamp crushing and disposal machines ensure that these lamps are disposed of safely and without harming the environment. Fluorescent lamp breaking and disposal machine is a device that safely breaks used fluorescent lamps, separates and disposes of the hazardous substances inside. These machines enable the lamps to be broken and the mercury inside them to be controlled, thus preventing the spread of substances that may be harmful to the environment and human health.

The powerful breaking mechanism ensures effective breaking of fluorescent lamps. The advanced filtration system ensures the separation of mercury vapors and other hazardous substances. Durable construction, made of solid materials, long-lasting and durable. Safety features, various security mechanisms that ensure operator safety. Fast and effective processing enables large quantities of lamps to be processed in a short time.


Advantages of TSH-Series Single Shaft Shredder;


It prevents mercury and other hazardous substances from spreading into the environment. It reduces environmental pollution and protects human health. It ensures safe and controlled breaking of fluorescent lamps. It ensures the safe disposal of mercury vapors and other hazardous substances. It provides easy operation with its user-friendly design. It makes the operators' job easier and shortens training time. It enables the processing of large amounts of fluorescent lamps in a short time. It saves time and cost.

Flober Fluorescent Lamp Crushing Destruction Machine
Performance and Efficiency


Hız Kontrolü

Konveyör hızı, işlem gereksinimlerine göre ayarlanabilir. Bu, taşıma verimliliğini optimize eder ve işlem sürelerini kısaltır.


Kesintisiz Çalışma

Metal seperatör bant taşıma sistemi, metal parçaların taşınması sırasında kesintisiz ve sorunsuz bir çalışma sunar. Bu, üretim süreçlerinde yüksek verimlilik sağlar.


Etkili Metal Ayrımı

Merkezi mıknatısın güçlü manyetik alanı, demirli malzemelerin hızlı ve etkili bir şekilde ayrılmasını sağlar.


Güçlü Mıknatıslar

Güçlü mıknatıslar kullanılarak oluşturulan manyetik taşıma sistemi, metal parçaları güvenli ve etkin bir şekilde taşır. Bu mıknatıslar, yüksek etkili manyetik kuvvetleri sayesinde en zorlayıcı metal parçaları bile sorunsuzca taşır.

TSH-Series Single Shaft Solid Waste Shredding Machines designed for continuous operation;

Energy-saving technology is especially important for shredding machines used in continuous operation to shred solid waste. Therefore, TSH-Series solid waste shredders use cutting tools with a special solid waste shredder blade design, while consuming very little energy. Additionally, if no material is fed into the shredding machine for a certain period of time, the engine automatically shuts down. This saves energy while also reducing operating costs.


All single-shaft shredding machines in the TSH series can be specifically tailored to your requirements with peripheral devices such as discharge augers, conveyor belts, metal separators or pipe magnets. We offer comprehensive, turnkey solutions from the manufacturer!

Technicial Specifications

Genişlik (mm)
Motor Gücü (hp)
  • Double Shaft Shredder is used for processing plastic, paper, cardboard, textile, wood, animal waste, cable, car tire, etc. It effectively breaks down waste such as

  • No, we have different rotor designs depending on the waste type.

  • Blade replacement is easy thanks to our disc-shaped or bolted blade designs.

  • No, different types of steel are used depending on the waste to be shredded. Hardness values of steel are also applied according to the waste.

  • Thanks to the fixed blades in the shredder, waste does not get stuck in the rotor.

  • Feeding can be done manually, by conveyor or by scoop.

  • Different sizes of sieves can be used, but this directly affects the capacity.

  • In case of jamming, the rotor stops working and rotates in the opposite direction thanks to the automation system. The light and audible warning system on the panel is activated.

  • The automation system has a user-friendly touch panel. Thanks to this panel, you can see all the necessary information and make relevant interventions from the settings page.

  • You can integrate the machine into an existing facility, but you must specify this before ordering.

  • Yes, we can establish a remote connection if you connect the internet to our plc system via ethernet cable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Optional Features

  • Production in Different Capacities

  • Different Types of Feeding Hoppers