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pallet shredding machine


The ability to process different types of materials makes these machines suitable for various industries.

pallet shredding machine

Long Maintenance Intervals

Uzun bakım aralıkları ile kesintisiz olarak çalışmanıza olanak sağlar.

pallet shredding machine

Large Processing Capacity

It can quickly process different sizes and types of materials.

pallet shredding machine

Adjustable Sieve System

The sieve system can be adjusted to the desired shredding size, providing flexibility for different applications.

pallet shredding machine

Wear-Resistant Blades

It offers long-term shredding with its blades made of high quality steel.

High Efficiency

Pallet shredding machines shred materials quickly and effectively thanks to the combination of high torque and low speed.

pallet shredding machine

Quick Blade Change

It works uninterruptedly with its easily replaceable cutter blades.

pallet shredding machine

Easy to Use

The user-friendly control panel and simple design ensure easy operation of the machine.


For bulky waste shredding applications,
TSH-Series Single Shaft Solid Waste Shredder;

Pallet recycling plays an important role in environmental sustainability and waste management processes. Efficient recycling of wood and plastic pallets makes better use of resources and reduces waste. Pallet recycling begins with the shredding process, and specially designed pallet shredding machines are used for this process. These machines break pallets into small pieces and make them suitable for recycling processes.

Pallets are structural elements that are widely used in logistics and storage processes, but produce a large amount of waste at the end of their useful life. Recycling these wastes is important in reducing environmental impacts and protecting natural resources. Pallet recycling also provides economic benefits by reducing waste management costs.

Mobile pallet shredders offer high mobility and flexibility, enabling effective shredding of various materials on site. These machines can process bulk materials such as wood and plastic, as well as pallets. Thanks to their mobile structure, they can be easily transported to different sites and shredded on-site. The magnet attached to the discharge conveyor of the mobile pallet shredding machine captures the ferrous materials and purifies the scrap pile from metals. It is designed to process hard materials at large loads.

pallet shredding machine

Pallet Shredding Machine advantages;

pallet shredding machine

Pallet shredding machines speed up the recycling process by shredding pallets quickly and effectively. Energy efficient motors and systems reduce operating costs. Recycling waste effectively reduces environmental impacts. Simple and easy-to-use design enables operators to use the machine effectively. It offers long-lasting use thanks to its robust structure and high-quality components.

Pallet Shredder
Performance and Efficiency

pallet shredding machine

Single Shaft Design

The TSV-Series has a single main shaft that cuts or grinds materials. The shaft rotates with high torque and low speed, which ensures effective shredding of pallets.

pallet shredding machine

Energy efficiency

Engines and systems that provide high energy efficiency reduce operating costs and reduce environmental impacts.

pallet shredding machine

Modular Blade Design

Blades can be easily replaced and customized.

pallet shredding machine

Sturdy Construction

Made from heavy-duty steel, it withstands harsh working conditions.

Industrial Pallet Shredding Machines designed for continuous operation;

Pallet shredding machines are high-torque machines that enable rapid and effective shredding of large amounts of pallets. Stationary shredders cut pallets to ideal sizes thanks to their wide openings and robust blades. It can machine a variety of materials including wood, metal and plastic with high torque. Designed to accommodate the width and length of most pallets. It effectively breaks down the material and brings it to ideal dimensions.

Pallet shredding machines play a critical role in pallet recycling and waste management processes. These machines offer high efficiency, durability and energy efficiency, reducing waste disposal costs for businesses and reducing environmental impacts. Mobile and industrial pallet shredders provide effective solutions in pallet recycling by offering various features and advantages according to different needs. Therefore, the use of pallet shredding machines in pallet recycling processes provides great benefits both environmentally and economically.

Optional Features

Rotor Boyu (mm)
Parcalama Alani (mm)
Motor Gücü (kW)
1200 X 400
  • Wooden pallets, wood waste, wedges, plastic pallets, etc. It effectively breaks down waste such as

  • No, we have different rotor designs depending on the waste type.

  • Blade replacement is easy thanks to our disc-shaped or bolted blade designs.

  • No, different types of steel are used depending on the waste to be shredded. Hardness values of steel are also applied according to the waste.

  • Thanks to the fixed blades in the shredder, waste does not get stuck in the rotor.

  • Feeding can be done manually, by conveyor or by scoop.

  • Different sizes of sieves can be used, but this directly affects the capacity.

  • In case of jamming, the rotor stops working and rotates in the opposite direction thanks to the automation system. The light and audible warning system on the panel is activated.

  • The automation system has a user-friendly touch panel. Thanks to this panel, you can see all the necessary information and make relevant interventions from the settings page.

  • The automation system has a user-friendly touch panel. Thanks to this panel, you can see all the necessary information and make relevant interventions from the settings page.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Optional Features

  • Dual Engine Design

  • Mobile Design

  • Metal Separator

  • Rotor Cooling System

  • Automatic Lubrication Unit

  • Sieve in Different Sizes

  • Conveyor Screw Applications for Exit