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Redmonster scrap metal shredding machine

High Torque and Durability

Metal shredding machines are equipped with engines that provide high torque. These motors can easily crush even large and tough pieces of metal. Hydromotors powered by hydraulic pressure enable machines to produce high torque

Redmonster scrap metal shredding machine

Long Maintenance Intervals

Metal shredding machines offer uninterrupted operation with long maintenance intervals. This increases operational efficiency and reduces operating costs.

Redmonster scrap metal shredding machine

Overload Sensors

The automation system detects overload situations and automatically rotates the machine in the opposite direction. This ensures safe and trouble-free operation of the machines.

Redmonster scrap metal shredding machine

Wear-Resistant Blades

Blades made of high quality steel ensure long-term use. These blades can withstand the hardness of metal and have high wear resistance

Redmonster scrap metal shredding machine

High Efficiency

Metal shredding machines shred materials quickly and effectively thanks to the combination of high torque and low speed. This speeds up the recycling process and increases efficiency.

Redmonster scrap metal shredding machine

Quick Blade Change

It works uninterruptedly with its easily replaceable cutter blades.

Redmonster scrap metal shredding machine

Low Noise

The solid and balanced structure minimizes vibrations and provides a quieter and more comfortable working environment.

Redmonster scrap metal shredding machine

Easy to Use

The user-friendly control panel and simple design ensure easy operation of the machine. This helps operators use the machine safely and efficiently.


For demanding metal recycling applications, Redmonster Metal Shredding Machine;

Metal recycling is of great importance in terms of environmental sustainability and economic efficiency. Metal shredding machines play a critical role in this process. The metal shredder effectively breaks down metals, making them suitable for recycling. Metal shredding machines have the capacity to process different types of metal and provide great convenience in industrial waste management.
In general, Redmonster Double Shaft Shredder models are quite flexible. It can be used in many more metal recycling applications such as scrap iron shredding machine, aluminum shredding machine, stainless steel shredding machine, metal bale shredding machine.

Redmonster scrap metal shredding machine

Advantages of TSH-Series Single Shaft Shredder;

Redmonster hurda metal parçalama makinesi

TSH-Series solid waste shredders are the result of strong production capacity, powerful drive motors and performance-oriented machine configuration. The design consisting of a long rotor, a large screen surface and optimized cutter geometry provides the performance you need in your facility. High performance requires reliable machine operation, which we ensure with a complete range of high-quality technological components.


Thanks to the special mounting of the rotor, dust-protected bearings, tried-and-trusted shock damping and special cutting tools, the solid waste shredder requires very little maintenance. It has a long service life. Intelligent drive control automatically turns off the shredder motor if foreign objects enter the shredder. In addition, the solid waste shredder is equipped with an automatic reversal function to prevent the motor from overloading.

Redmonster Scrap Metal Shredder
Performance and Efficiency

Double Shaft Design

The Redmonster Series has two main shafts that cut or grind scrap metal. The shafts rotate at high torque and low speed thanks to planetary reducers and hydromotors, which ensures effective shredding of scrap metals.

Energy efficiency

Engines and systems that provide high energy efficiency reduce operating costs and reduce environmental impacts.

Long Lasting Blades

High-quality steel blades are resistant to wear and ensure long-term use.

Operator Safety

There are protective structures around moving parts, preventing accidental contact by operators.

Technicial Specifications

Rotor Boyu (mm)
Parçalama Alanı (mm)
Motor Gücü (kW)
1000 X 100
45-75 (2-4X)
1500 X 1500
55-90 (2-4X)
1800 X 1500
75-90 (2-4X)
2000 X 1800
90-132 (2-4X)
  • Planetary type heavy duty reducers are used in our Redmonster scrap metal shredding machines.

  • Redmonster scrap metal shredding machine can crush scrap metal, aluminum, stainless steel, scrap metal bales, etc. It effectively breaks down waste such as

  • Thanks to the hydraulic sieve opening system. Blade replacement is done very quickly.

  • Thanks to the two-piece body system. Blade replacement is done very quickly. In the bolted blade type, blade replacement can be done without dismantling the shaft.

  • Thanks to the fixed blades in the shredder, waste does not get stuck in the rotor.

  • Feeding can be done manually, by conveyor, by auger or by scoop.

  • Feeding can be done by conveyor or scoop.

  • Different sizes of sieves can be used, but this directly affects the capacity.

  • Thanks to the scraper combs in the shredder, waste does not get stuck in the rotor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Optional Features

  • Four Motor Design

  • Rotor Cooling System

  • Automatic Lubrication Unit

  • Hydraulic Press Unit

  • Sieve in Different Sizes

  • Bolted Detachable Blade Design

  • Electric Motor Drive System

  • Feed Conveyor

  • Discharge Conveyor

TSH-Series Single Shaft Solid Waste Shredding Machines designed for continuous operation;

Energy-saving technology is especially important for shredding machines used in continuous operation to shred solid waste. Therefore, TSH-Series solid waste shredders use cutting tools with a special solid waste shredder blade design, while consuming very little energy. Additionally, if no material is fed into the shredding machine for a certain period of time, the engine automatically shuts down. This saves energy while also reducing operating costs.


All single-shaft shredding machines in the TSH series can be specifically tailored to your requirements with peripheral devices such as discharge augers, conveyor belts, metal separators or pipe magnets. We offer comprehensive, turnkey solutions from the manufacturer!