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TSM-Series Single Shaft Mobile Shredding Machine


The portable chassis equipped with heavy-duty wheels or crawler systems allows the machine to be easily transported to different sites.

TSM-Series Single Shaft Mobile Shredding Machine

Combination of High Torque and Low Speed

This combination ensures rapid and effective shredding of materials, ideal for difficult and large materials.

TSM-Series Single Shaft Mobile Shredding Machine

Durable Construction

Blades made of high quality steel and sturdy chassis ensure the long life and durability of the machine.

TSM-Series Single Shaft Mobile Shredding Machine

Foldable Conveyors

Foldable conveyors provide convenience during transportation.

TSM-Series Single Shaft Mobile Shredding Machine

Quick Blade Change

It works uninterruptedly with its easily replaceable cutter blades.

TSM-Series Single Shaft Mobile Shredding Machine


The ability to process a variety of materials makes mobile crushers suitable for different industries such as recycling, construction and demolition projects.

TSM-Series Single Shaft Mobile Shredding Machine

Energy efficiency

Inverter-controlled motors and automatic reverse features increase energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.

TSM-Series Single Shaft Mobile Shredding Machine

Easy to Use

The user-friendly control panel and simple design ensure easy operation of the machine.


For bulky waste shredding applications,
TSH-Series Single Shaft Solid Waste Shredder;

In general, TSH-Series Solid Waste Shredder models are quite flexible. It can be used in many different recycling applications such as textile waste shredding machine, fiber film shredding machine, plastic shredding machine, wood shredding machine, chipboard shredding machine, MDF board shredding machine, domestic waste shredding machine, municipal waste shredding machine.

These powerful TSH Series shredder machines are mainly used for demanding shredding jobs where high efficiency is required. Our machines can develop their full performance capabilities. Thanks to their size, these machines are ideal shredders for your bulky waste.

Single shaft mobile solid waste shredding machine

Advantages of our TSM and CSM Series Mobile Crushers;

Single shaft mobile solid waste shredding machine

TSH-Series solid waste shredders are the result of strong production capacity, powerful drive motors and performance-oriented machine configuration. The design consisting of a long rotor, a large screen surface and optimized cutter geometry provides the performance you need in your facility. High performance requires reliable machine operation, which we ensure with a complete range of high-quality technological components.


Thanks to the special mounting of the rotor, dust-protected bearings, tried-and-trusted shock damping and special cutting tools, the solid waste shredder requires very little maintenance. It has a long service life. Intelligent drive control automatically turns off the shredder motor if foreign objects enter the shredder. In addition, the solid waste shredder is equipped with an automatic reversal function to prevent the motor from overloading.

TSM and CSM Series Mobile Crusher
Performance and Efficiency

TSM-Series single shaft mobile solid waste shredder


The ability to process different types of materials makes these machines suitable for various industries.

TSM-Series single shaft mobile solid waste shredder

Long Maintenance Intervals

It allows you to operate uninterruptedly with long maintenance intervals, which reduces operating costs and increases efficiency.

TSM-Series single shaft mobile solid waste shredder


Low-emission engines operate without harming the environment and minimize environmental pollution with low noise levels thanks to sound insulation.

TSM-Series single shaft mobile solid waste shredder

Diesel Engine Option

It is ideal for use in areas where electricity access is difficult.

Our TSM and CSM Series Mobile Breakers designed for continuous operation;

Mobile crushers offer portability, flexibility and high efficiency, enabling a wide range of applications in various industries. These machines play an important role in recycling and waste management processes, thanks to their robust structure and user-friendly features. Mobile crushers increase operational efficiency by reducing logistics costs and labor requirements and make significant contributions to sustainable waste management solutions. Mobile crushers will continue to be a critical tool for a cleaner and more sustainable environment in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Single Shaft Mobile Shredder is suitable for processing plastic, paper, cardboard, textile, wood, animal waste, cable, car tire, etc. It effectively breaks down waste such as

  • Hydraulic pressing unit helps to shred waste effectively and quickly. It also automatically stops printing in case of jam.

  • No, we have different rotor designs depending on the waste type.

  • Thanks to the hydraulic sieve opening system. Blade replacement is done very quickly.

  • No, different types of steel are used depending on the waste to be shredded. The hardness values of steel are also applied according to the waste.

  • Thanks to the fixed blades in the shredder, waste does not get stuck in the rotor.

  • Feeding can be done manually or by scoop.

  • Feeding can be done manually, by conveyor, by auger or by scoop.

  • Feeding can be done manually, by conveyor, by auger or by scoop.

  • Different sizes of sieves can be used, but this directly affects the capacity.

  • In case of jamming, the rotor stops working and rotates in the opposite direction thanks to the automation system. The light and audible warning system on the panel is activated.

  • The automation system has a user-friendly touch panel. Thanks to this panel, you can see all the necessary information and make relevant interventions from the settings page.

  • The warranty period is one year. The warranty period can be extended optionally.

  • We have technical support available all over the world. In countries where visa is required, our teams are directed to intervene as soon as possible after the application.

Optional Features

  • Dual Engine Design

  • Belt Pulley Hydraulic Coupling

  • Flywheel Design

  • Rotor Cooling System

  • Automatic Lubrication Unit

  • Ellipse Shaped Hydraulic Press Unit

  • Sieve in Different Designs and Hole Sizes

  • Hydraulic Opening Screen System

  • Screw, Conveyor and Transport Fan Applications for Output

Technicial Specifications

Rotor Boyu (mm)
Parcalama Alani (mm)
Motor Gücü (kW)
2000 X 1800
1500 X 1800
3000 X 2000
1500 X 1200