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MT Machinery Established the Animal Feed Production Line in Jordan

For the first time in the world, MT Machinery shredded palm branches…

In this project, we shred palm branches and reduce them to a size that the animal can eat. Date palm branches are very different from many trees in terms of their structure. The hardness level is almost as hard as metal and it has a very fibrous structure. MT Machinery succeeded in shredding the Date Branches, which no one else in the world has been able to shred until today. The design of our MXM2-120 model, which has a very different blade structure and model for shredding palm branches, belongs to our General Manager Müslim Bağluca, who is a Mechanical Engineer graduate of Yıldız Technical University. Our HXM2-120 model crusher is known as MT machine and a patent application has been made all over the world in the name of Müslim Bağluca. has been protected.

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