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• Manual Bag insertion system
• Compact and robust design
• Powerful compression system
• Uninterrupted operation with continuous feeding
• Controllable via PLC

Series Straw Bale Presses for compressing bulky agricultural products;

One of the main uses of our Horizontal Hay Baling and Bagging Press is to bale loose materials. Bulky, sawdust, rags, peanut shells, rice husks, cotton seeds, shredded palm branches, textile wastes, etc. It is difficult to deal with dry waste such as You can easily bale these wastes in our YBS Straw Bale Presses.

Advantages of Series Hay Bale Presses;

It adopts continuous push-out type with semi-automatic bagging system. With fully automatic control, it provides high efficiency, allowing you to save labor cost, transportation cost, stock cost and space. Bale size and bale weight can be produced according to your specific requirements. Output capacity varies between 5-25 tons per hour. Bale weight can be up to 50-500 kg per bale. PLC system automatically stops the machine when there is no feeding.

Fully automatic hay baler press machine designed for continuous operation;

Our Straw Bale Presses, which are mainly used in the agricultural sector, can press all kinds of dry waste such as palm branch, straw, wheat, alfalfa, chopped straw, textile waste. The waste is fed into the bale chamber by conveyor or auger, then the side roller presses it several times until the set limit. Then, when the main cylinder reaches enough pressure, it automatically pushes the bale out. It is filled into a woven bag or plastic bags that the operator attaches to the exit section, and in this way the baling process is completely completed.


Press Power: 50 tons
Required Power: 15 kW
Bale Dimension: 500 x 500 x 500 mm
Bale Weight: 30-50 kg

Press Power: 90 tons
Required Power: 30 kW
Bale Dimension: 700 x 700 x 700 mm
Bale Weight: 30-50 kg

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