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  • Long maintenance intervals

  • Mobile shredding advantage

  • Special wear-resistant blades

  • Shredding with low speed, high torque

  • Foldable conveyors

  • Easily replaceable cutting blades


For universal shredding applications, TSM Series Mobile Single Shaft Solid Waste Shredding Machine;

In general, Single Shaft Mobile Universal Solid Waste Shredder models are quite flexible. Tire shredding machine, plastic shredding machine, mattress shredding machine, branch shredding machine, pallet shredding machine, wood shredding machine, sleeper shredding machine, tree root shredding machine, green waste shredding machine, garden waste shredding machine, scrap metal shredding machine, bulk solid It can be used in many different recycling applications such as waste shredding machine and domestic waste shredding machine.


TSM Series Shredders have interchangeable shredding tools. If necessary, these can be selected according to the type of application and can be easily replaced in a very short time. Another outstanding feature of the machine is its wide conveyor belts that allow material discharge without clogging in all applications. The material unloading height is up to five metres. Conveyor belt speed can be adjusted.

Advantages of TSM150/TSM300W Mobile Solid Waste Shredding Machine;

The machine concept of the TSM Series Solid Waste Shredders in mobile form is extraordinary. For you, this means high efficiency, high profitability and enormous flexibility. Provides minimum operating costs at maximum performance. TSM Mobile Solid Waste Shredding Machine is a powerful workhorse to shred and recycle your different materials. Single-stage processing makes this machine particularly efficient and economical.


The TSM class industrial solid waste crushing machine has a special advantage. Standard diesel-hydraulic drive types and Mercedes engine provide energy saving with high efficiency. The mobility of the TSM Shredding Machine maximizes its application possibilities. Optionally, it can be connected to an additional power source for shredding.


TSM Single Shaft Mobile Solid Waste Shredders designed for continuous operation;

Shredder mobility is provided by its tractor. It can be easily transported to any point using a tow truck. Thanks to the wide range of different sized sieves and cutting blades available, the machine can be adapted exactly to your requirements. In this way, homogeneous particle sizes varying between the desired exit sizes can be obtained. Thus, it can produce a homogeneous alternative fuel for waste incineration plants, cement plants, gasification or biomass plants.

Additionally, the height-adjustable discharge conveyor belt and an optionally available metal separator provide you with everything you need for your mobile shredding system to operate efficiently. This is MT MAKINA's great and comprehensive package for your recycling needs and processing of different materials.



Number of Shafts: one
Required Powers: 150 HP Mercedes Diesel Engine
Feed: with conveyor
Rotor Length: 1500 mm
Output Dimensions: Adjustable
Transport: With tractor
Chassis: Wheeled / Crawler
Sieve: Replaceable


Number of Shafts: 1
Required Powers: 350 HP Mercedes Diesel Engine
Feed: Directly
Rotor Length: 3000mm
Output Dimensions: Adjustable
Transport: with tow truck
chassis: Wheeled / Crawler
Sieve: Replaceable