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Yatay Balya Pres Makinesi ve Balya Pres Makineleri  Horizontal Bale Press Machine and Bale Press Machines


• Automatic wire binding unit
• Compact and robust design
• PET blasting machine (Optional)
• Powerful compression system
• Uninterrupted operation with continuous feeding
• Controllable via PLC

Fully automatic Horizontal Baling Press for pressing your bulky waste;

Our fully automatic Series Horizontal Baling Presses are machines used to compress waste paper into compact bales. Our baling presses reduce the volume of waste piles, saving you valuable space taken up by bulky packaging materials on site. Areas of use include Manufacturers, logistics, central warehouses, paper industry, printing houses and recycling companies. Our Horizontal Baling Press is suitable for processing scrap papers, cardboards, cardboard boxes, corrugated papers, plastics, aluminum cans, automobile tires, metal cans, etc. Easily bales waste such as

In general, Horizontal Baling Press models are quite flexible. Automatic Horizontal Baling Press, Paper Baling Press, Scrap Baling Press, Metal Baling Press, Scrap Metal Baling Press, Scrap Paper Baling Press, Scrap Cardboard Baling Press, Horizontal Baling Press, Automatic Horizontal Baling Press, Horizontal Baling Press Machine, Horizontal Baling Press Machine It can be used in many different recycling applications such as Automatic Horizontal Paper Baler Press Machine, Scrap Paper Baling Machine, Scrap Tire Baler.


Advantages of fully automatic Horizontal Baling Presses;

YB Series Horizontal Baling Press is especially suitable for those with large space and high processing demand, recycling collectors and paper manufacturers. There is a hopper in the middle of the horizontal baler press machine to feed the waste material. Horizontal Baling Press can be customized according to different demands, and you can make the bale size into desired lengths according to your needs. You can also choose different feeding types such as air cyclone feeding, conveyor or manual feeding type.


Fully automatic horizontal baling presses designed for continuous operation;

Our fully automatic horizontal baler presses are a large size recycling machine made with extra heavy duty construction. It is widely used by recycling facilities that have large amounts of waste material to bale. Designed with continuous operation, our balers can compress materials into much smaller bale size and greatly reduce volume to reduce transport volume. It saves freight cost while increasing work efficiency for the recycling facility.

Our horizontal baling presses refer to automatic baling machine that can fully automate your recycling program. It provides significant labor savings compared to other balers. Our fully automatic horizontal baler features continuous baling and ejection, which greatly improves work efficiency. Our high pressure powerful baling presses also have a fast return on investment, making much more profit from recycling. In a word, if you are a large recycling plant, our fully automatic horizontal baler is the right way to go as it provides a cost-effective and practical solution for you.


Press Power: 60 tons
Required Power: 15 kW
Bale Size: 750×750mm
Bale Weight: 300-500 kg
Wire Binding: Automatic
Number of Wires: 3
Pet Explosion: optional


Press Power: 120 tons
Required Power: 75 kW
Bale Size: 1200×1100 mm
Bale Weight: 800-1200 kg
Wire Binding: Automatic
Number of Wires: 5
Pet Explosion: Optional



Press Power: 90 tons
Required Power: 45 kW
Bale Size: 1100×800 mm
Bale Weight: 600-900 kg
Wire Binding: Automatic
Number of Wires: 4
Pet Explosion: Optional


Press Power: 150 tons
Required Power: 2×55 kW
Bale Size: 1200×1100 mm
Bale Weight: 1000-1400 kg
Wire Binding: Automatic
Number of Wires: 5
Pet Explosion: Optional

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