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The Glass Bottle Crusher  Machine and Glass  Shredder Machine bottle crusher and Glass breaking machine, also known as glass Glass Bottle Crusher  Machine and Glass  Shredder Machine machine, is a product  Glass Glass Bottle Crusher  Machine and Glass  Shredder Machine Machine  specially designed to break and shred glass. These machines are designed to shrink glass waste, reduce volume and save space, glass breaking, glass shattering machine

glass shredder machine

  • Unique glass bottle shredder for glass bottle crushing applications

  • Optional multi-feeding possibility

  • Compact and robust design

  • Reduces the volume of glass bottles by up to 80%

  • Liquid separation system (Optional)


For demanding glass crushing applications, CAMPAR Glass Bottle Crusher;

Our CAMPAR Glass Bottle Crushing Machines are available in a variety of models, each guaranteeing lower carbon emissions as well as saving space and gaining on waste disposal costs. We offer our customers two types of glass bottle crusher options; CAMPAR Single Glass Bottle Crusher and CAMPAR Multiple Glass Bottle Crusher. We will provide the model that best suits your conditions and the waste glass volumes your business produces. In general, Glass Bottle Shredding Machine models are quite flexible. Glass bottle crushing machine, glass bottle crusher, scrap glass shredder machine, glass bottle shredder, alcohol bottle crushing machine, alcohol bottle shredder, soda bottle crushing machine, waste glass bottle shredder, waste glass bottle crushing machine and many more in different recycling applications available.


Advantages of CAMPAR Single/Multiple Glass Bottle Crushing Machine;

Greatly reduce the cost of collecting empty glass bottles. Ideal for bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels and catering establishments, alcohol producers, glass bottled product manufacturers and customs authorities. Glass waste is a nuisance type of waste that takes up wheelie bin space.

Get rid of your glass bottle waste with CAMPAR Glass Bottle Crusher. We optimize the noise level in models used in the office.


Reduce transportation cost by 80%;

A typical bar or restaurant has wheelie bins that are constantly emptied. With the Glass Bottle Crushing Machine, more space will be created for the garbage container. This means you can carry more glass bottles for recycling at one time. You can reduce costs by 80%, which is a huge savings for you.


Required Power: 2.2 / 3 / 4 kW
Feed Hopper: 200 mm
Feeding: Manual
Discharge: Into the chamber
Volume Reduction: 80%
Liquid Separation: None
Sieve: Available

Required Powers: 3 / 4 / 5.5 / 7.5 / 11 kW
Feed Hopper: 400 / 500 / 600 mm
Feed Conveyor: Optional
Unloading: To Container
Volume Reduction: 80%
Liquid Separation: Optional
Sieve: Available

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