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​ Four Shaft Solid Waste Shredders

  • Especially for bulky waste

  • Design with replaceable sieve

  • Compact and robust design

  • High availability and process stability

  • High resistance to foreign objects

  • Hydraulic pressure system (Optional)

For bulky waste shredding applications, DS Series Four Shaft Solid Waste Shredding Machine;

The reliable and extremely robust DS80, DS120 and DS150 Four Shaft Solid Waste Shredder covers an extremely wide range of applications and is therefore ideal for universal use.

Advantages of DS80/120/150 Four Shaft Solid Waste Shredding Machine;

DS class solid waste crushing machines are characterized by particularly high availability and process stability. They are also functional in design and uniquely productive. A particular advantage of the four-shaft solid waste shredder is that due to efficient material shredding during the shredding process, the resulting output material is of high quality. The optimized particle sizes and homogeneity of the shredded material are ideal for subsequent sorting operations and extraction of valuable resources.

The interchangeable sieve allows granule sizes to be defined depending on the application situation. In general, each DS80, DS120 and DS150 solid waste shredder can be adapted to the requirements. Our engineers will recommend a comprehensive and independent solution depending on the waste.

Low maintenance with high safety standards;

Our compact solid waste shredding machines have many advantages. The low-speed, high-torque four-shaft solid waste shredder is resistant to foreign objects and requires little maintenance. Since it has four shafts, there is no need for a hydraulic pressure system. However, depending on the material, the hydraulic pressure system can be easily integrated. Low cutting spindle speed ensures low noise and dust pollution.

Moreover, DS series solid waste shredders comply with high safety standards, which is particularly important in the field of file and data destruction. In general, DS80, DS120, DS150 Series Solid Waste Shredding Machine models are quite flexible. File shredding machine, automobile interior panels shredding machine, HDD hard disk shredding machine, plastic shredding machine, leather shredding machine, scrap metal shredding machine, paper shredding machine, pet bottle shredding machine, PVC shredding machine, tire shredding machine, municipal waste shredding machine It can be used in many different recycling applications such as ibc barrel shredding machine, pallet shredding machine, wood shredding machine, etc.



Required Powers: 2×30 / 2×45 / 4×11 / 4×15 / 4×22 / 4×30 kW
Rotor Length: 800mm
Output Dimensions: 15-40mm
Sieve: Easy to clean design


Required Powers: 2×75 / 2×90 / 4×22 / 4×30 / 4×45 kW
Rotor Length: 1200 mm
Output Dimensions: 20-100 mm
Sieve: Easy to clean design


Required Powers: 2×110 / 2×150 / 4×30 / 4×45 / 4×55 / 4×75 kW
Rotor Length: 1500 mm
Output Dimensions: 20-150mm
Sieve: Easy to clean design

​ Four Shaft Solid Waste Shredders