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​MOBıle TROmMEL screen

  • Use where there is no electricity

  • High-quality compost and clean HLW separation

  • Compact and robust design

  • High availability and process stability

  • Production in different capacities according to needs

  • Production in different sheet qualities

For separation applications, Mobile Tromel Screen; Mobile Tromel Screen;

Our Mobile Tromel Screens combine high production rates with ease of use in a robust, portable and versatile screening plant, proven in construction and demolition waste, ideal for applications such as soil, recycling, composting.

The Mobile Trommel Screen combines impressive design features such as a different length screening drum and a different height discharge radial fine material conveyor. It has a steep sided drum hopper and wide feed opening. The collection conveyor prevents material spillage and bridging. The screen drum changeover is very fast thanks to the hydraulic sliding feeder. This makes it easy to change different drum types.


Advantages of Mobile Tromel Screen;

The Mobile Trommel Screen screen sifts material by rotating it, usually with some type of paddle or rod running inside the length of the screen to catch and remove passing debris. Once picked up, the material falls back thanks to gravity, causing the material to break. This process is repeated until the debris is small enough to pass through the screen, while larger debris exits the opposite end of the rotating drum. The bottom of the screen consists of a fine soil, while the top of the screen has two product outputs: rocks, roots, wood waste, etc., called rejects, residues or rubbish. Depending on the material and capacity, the under-sieve outlet can be made more than once.

Mobile Trommel Screens designed for continuous operation;

MT offers a robustly constructed, compact and high output Mobile Trommel Screen. The rotary screen has a feed hopper that feeds a rotary drum, all at variable speed. Fine particles fall into the powder bulk conveyor. An oversized conveyor is optional and can be mounted on the existing chassis. The unit is powered by a diesel engine or electric supply on site. It is transported by towing.


What are the features of Mobile Tromel Sieve?
60 / 80 / 110 HP Diesel or Gasoline
Sieve Diameters: Ø 800 / Ø 1000 / Ø 1200 / Ø 1600 / Ø 2200 mm
Sieve Sizes: 4000 / 5000 / 6000 mm
Drive System: Hydromotor or electric motor with wheel shaft
Feed Hopper: Moving belt or metal conveyor
Rotary Cleaning Brush: Optional
Conveyors: Folding hydraulic piston
Sieve Type: Changeable / Fixed
Sieve Sheet Quality: ST37 / ST52 / Hardo

Tromel Sieve Rotary and Drum Sieves Tromel Sieve Rotary and Drum Sieves