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  • Chips, biscuits, bread etc. Separating dry food packages such as

  • Milk, juice, buttermilk etc. separating liquid food packages such as

  • Production at different capacities

  • Energy efficient design for low operating costs

  • Robust, durable construction for demanding applications


Automatic Package Separator Facility for applications of separating packaged products from their packages;

The Automatic Package Sorter is ideal for sorting out-of-specification, out-of-date or mislabeled products packaged in corrugated cartons, plastic bottles or metal cans. Due to landfill restrictions and product disposal issues, this revolutionary Turbo Package Separator is capable of recovering up to 99% of packaging of dry or liquid products. This way you can significantly reduce waste disposal costs and ensure that the product and packaging are recycled.


Package Separator is a good solution partner for kitchen, hotel, restaurant food waste and anaerobic digestion facilities. The Pack Separator removes both biodegradable and non-biodegradable bags and impurities with up to 99% efficiency, separating organics for feeding into digester tanks.


In general, Automatic Package Sorter Plant models are quite flexible. It can be used in many different recycling applications such as Chips Package Sorting Plant, Tea Package Sorting Plant, Biscuit Package Sorting Plant, Milk Package Sorting Plant, Fruit Juice Package Sorting Plant, Automatic Package Sorting Plant, Package Sorting Plant, Gypsum Board Sorting Plant, Packaging Sorting Plant.

Automatic Package Sorter Plant advantages;

Automatic Package Sorter is designed to separate specific products for repackaging and reuse. Tea can be removed from its bags and returned to production at a good cost savings. Evenly dry items, such as sugar, can be removed from the bags. It can be divided into material and packaging. Tobacco can be removed from cigarettes even when fully packaged.

The Package Separator can process packaged products to be separated from hard and soft packaging, including plastic bags, plastic bottles, TetraPaks, Metal cans, plastic containers, cardboard, foil and more. It is equipped with a variable speed drive to increase efficiency. The system can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Biodegradable bags do not decompose during the anaerobic digestion process, causing clogging of pumps, screw conveyors and taking up valuable space in digester tanks. MT supplies the complete system including double screw feed conveyor, belt conveyor and low-maintenance reclaimed organics pumping system. A separated dry material conveyor can also be provided if required. The Automatic Package Sorter is mounted on a platform and includes touch plc controls located on a floor-mounted electrical panel.


Automatic Package Sorter Plants designed for continuous operation;

The products that can be removed from plastic bottles and other containers with the unpacking system of the Package Separator machine are as follows; Milk, lemonade, cola, water, deodorant, shampoo, glucose drinks, bleach, hair conditioner, liquid soap, sauces, oil, detergent, cheese, pasta, cake, legumes, yoghurt, carbonated drinks, fruit juices, etc. like.

Following changes to restrict the disposal of waste plasterboards to landfill, the plasterboard industry needs an alternative to deal with the amount of plasterboard waste produced each year. The traditional way to separate plaster from its support is to use hammer mills with screens to remove gypsum, which is costly and produces a high amount of dust. MT offers reprocessing solutions for unwanted, damaged and scrap gypsum materials.

The Automatic Package Separator, gypsum recovery system is ideal for use in separating plaster from cardboard and paper backing. Both the separated plaster and paper can then be sent for recycling respectively. With up to 99% efficiency, the process significantly reduces waste disposal costs.


Total Required Power: 50 kW (Varies depending on capacity)
For packaging: Automatic Horizontal Baling Press (Optional)
Sorting Table: Available
Metal detector: Available
Liquid Packaging Separation: Available
Dry Packaging Separation: Available
Stainless steel design (Optional)
Capacity: 1–2–5 t/s