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  • Sorting paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum and metal packaging waste

  • Compact and robust design

  • Open or closed sorting platform

  • Production at different capacities


Packaging Waste Separation Facility for packaging waste recycling applications;

Packaging Waste Sorting Facilities collect recyclable materials such as various plastics, metals, papers, mixed, contaminated waste. Wastes are separated according to their types in these facilities. The success of the treatment of waste fractions is mainly linked to the selection, which greatly increases the recovery rate.


MT offers solutions starting from basic systems to more complex facilities that include manual, mechanical and specific machinery and equipment, fully compliant with current regulations on waste disposal. Facilities may differ depending on the amount of waste to be processed and the materials to be selected. The sorted materials are then compressed in the Horizontal Baling Press with automatic or manual wire binding.

Advantages of packaging waste separation plant;

Packaging waste screening facilities are generally used to separate various materials such as paper, pet bottles, wood, aluminum cans and iron. The separated materials can then be resold to paper mills, plastic or steel mills.

With our Packaging Waste Sorting Lines, raw materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, wood and aluminum, which you can obtain from a product considered waste, can be reused indefinitely.


Packaging waste sorting facilities designed for continuous operation;

A significant part of MT production is related to the design and construction of complete facilities for the processing of various wastes or wastes. Thanks to significant experience gained over more than two decades, we offer customized systems and turnkey offers for all your packaging sorting needs.

MT produces modular facilities that can be modified to accommodate higher workloads. As with all facilities to choose from, the entire line can be customized to customer requirements.


Number of Chimneys: 2×2 / 2×3 / 2×4 / 2×5 / 2×6 / 2×8 /2×10/ 2×12 pieces
Platform Type: open or closed
Separation Conveyor Width:800/1200mm
Feed Conveyor: Available
Unloading Basket: Optional Horizontal Baling Press: Manual or Automatic wire binding
Glass Crushing Machine: Campar Glass Bottle Crusher
Number of Stairs: 2 pieces

Packaging Waste Separation Facility and Packaging Waste Separation