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  • Shredding 30-50 pallets per hour

  • Compact and robust design

  • Chopping wooden wedges

  • Shredding wooden and plastic pallets

  • Discharge conveyor


Pallet Shredder for wood and plastic pallet shredding applications;

Powerful single-shaft industrial pallet shredders significantly reduce pallet disposal costs by reducing bulk volume. These machines can quickly pay for themselves by reducing the number of weekly waste containers needed and eliminating unsightly and unhygienic pallets and wooden blocks from your property. In general, Pallet Shredding Machine models are quite flexible. It can be used in many different recycling applications such as pallet crushing machine, scrap pallet shredding machine, scrap pallet shredder, plastic pallet shredding machine, wooden block shredding machine, wood block shredding machine, wedge shredding machine.

Pallet Shredding Machine advantages;

The design of Pallet Shredding Machine is simple and easy to use. It has low speed, high torque shredding action. The pallet shredder is the ideal sized machine for small and large scale operations. It is the most economical solution to reduce unwanted scrap pallets. Its heavy construction, oversized shaft and high strength bearings are of the highest quality.


Required Powers: 30 / 45 kW
Rotor Length: 1200 mm
Output Dimensions: 15-50mm
Cutter Blades: Can be changed
Feed: By hand
Unloading: With conveyor
Metal Separator: optional
Sieve: Can be changed

Pallet Shredding Machine and Shredding Machines