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​Hanger Cleaning Oven

• Solid construction with fire concrete

• Heat insulation with ceramic fiber

• High combustion efficiency
• Sturdy strong structure
• Can be designed for any local or international regulation such as EPA, EU 2000/76/EC (or 2010/75/EU)

Hanger Cleaning Incinerator for paint cleaning applications;

Hanger Cleaning Incinerator cleans by separating the organic and inorganic chemical bonds in the paint by heating in a flameless and low-oxygen environment. Hanger Cleaning Oven is used for cleaning hangers, hooks, bars, grills, etc. used in paint systems. It is specially designed to clean grease, polymer, sedimented oil, dust, wet paint and cataphoresis coatings on materials such as engine bodies, conveyor chains, incorrectly painted metal parts from the surface without deformation. Since the hanger cleaning process is carried out without the use of chemicals, the amount of environmental waste is minimal.

Hanger Cleaning Oven advantages;

Hanger Cleaning Ovens offer economical and flexible working opportunities. It does not pollute the environment. It provides significant advantages in terms of initial investment cost and operating expenses.

In general, Hanger Cleaning Oven models are quite flexible. It can be used in many different cleaning applications such as Hanger Incinerator, Paint Incinerator and many more.

​Hanger Cleaning Oven