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Mobile Trommel Screen

Ana SayfaSeparationMobile Trommel Screen
Ana SayfaSeparationMobile Trommel Screen

Mobile Trommel Rotary Screen

Mobile Trommel Screen is designed to process large volumes of material or easily sieve coarse and wet materials in composting or biomass processing plants. The large hopper can be easily loaded with a wheel loader and allows a continuous sifting process. The heavy duty feed conveyor ensures a smooth material feed to the rotary screen drum by preventing slipping even in difficult materials. There are five conveyors in total on the Mobile Trommel Rotary Screen. Two of the output conveyors are designed as opening / closing.

We have Mobile Trommel Screen productions in various capacities according to customer demand. It uses an economical diesel technology. The installed diesel engine meets the current emission standard. Thanks to the movable wheel on the front, it can be moved quickly and easily with a tractor or a tractor. Mobile Rotary Drum Sieve can be used safely in sieving materials such as compost, sand, gravel, soil. Efficient technology and energy are especially important for continuously running machines. MT technology enables minimum energy consumption and maximum performance.

    Mobile Trommel Rotary Screen E-Catalog

    MT Machinery E-Catalog

      Mobile Trommel Rotary Screen Specification

    • Helix transport channels
    • Adjustable rotation speed
    • Conveyor feed
    • Conveyor / floor discharge
    • Fixed transfer hooks
    • Production in different capacities
    • Detachable sieve (Optional)
    • Rotary brush for sieve cleaning (Optional)
    • Stainless steel design (Optional)

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