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A New Era in Recycling: Fully Automatic YB Horizontal Baler Machines

Updated: Jul 9

In today's world, recycling holds great importance due to its environmental contributions and economic benefits. Consequently, new technologies that enhance the efficiency of recycling facilities and improve waste management are constantly being developed. One such technology is the fully automatic YB Horizontal Baler Machines.

Overview of Horizontal Baler Machines

Fully automatic YB Series Horizontal Baler Machines are advanced machines designed to compact waste paper into dense bales. These machines significantly reduce the volume of waste, thereby lowering storage and transportation costs. They are ideal solutions for manufacturers, logistics centers, the paper industry, printing houses, and recycling companies.

Key Features

Automatic Wire Tying Unit: The fully automatic baling process reduces labor costs and increases efficiency.

Compact and Robust Design: Durable structure and compact design ensure long-lasting use.

PET Burst Machine (Optional): Allows for more efficient processing of plastic waste.

Powerful Compression System: High-pressure compression system compacts waste into smaller bales.

Continuous Feeding for Uninterrupted Operation: Designed for continuous operation, these machines ensure seamless operations in recycling facilities.

PLC Control: Equipped with modern control systems, these machines offer a user-friendly interface.

Versatility and Applications

YB Series Horizontal Baler Machines can bale various types of waste, including scrap paper, cardboard, corrugated paper, plastics, aluminum cans, automobile tires, and metal cans. Their flexible design allows them to adapt to different recycling applications.


Fully automatic horizontal balers are ideal for recycling facilities with large areas and high processing capacities. These machines, with features like continuous operation and high-pressure compression, greatly enhance work efficiency. Additionally, they offer the flexibility to produce bales of desired lengths and can be customized with different feeding types such as air cyclone feeding, conveyor feeding, or manual feeding.

Current Developments and Future Outlook

Advancements in the recycling sector play a crucial role in achieving environmental protection and sustainability goals. YB Horizontal Baler Machines contribute to these goals by providing a more efficient and economical recycling process. Especially suitable for large recycling facilities, these machines offer a cost-effective and practical solution with a quick return on investment.

In conclusion, fully automatic YB Horizontal Baler Machines open the doors to a new era in the recycling industry. By offering environmentally friendly and economical solutions, this technology significantly improves the efficiency of recycling facilities, making it an important investment for the future.

To gain more information and detailed reviews about this innovative technology, consulting industry experts and user experiences is a valuable step to optimize your recycling processes.

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