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Medical waste shredding sterilization machine

Autoclave (Steam Sterilization)

Shredded waste is sterilized with steam under high temperature and pressure. This method is very effective in destroying pathogens.

Medical waste shredding sterilization machine

High Torque and Durability

It can effectively break down even difficult and large medical waste.

Medical waste shredding sterilization machine

Quick Blade Change

It works uninterruptedly with its easily replaceable cutter blades.

Medical waste shredding sterilization machine


It offers long-term shredding with its blades made of high quality steel.

Tıbbi atık parçalama sterilizasyon makinesi

High Efficiency

Medical waste shredding machines shred medical waste quickly and effectively thanks to the combination of high torque and low speed.

Medical waste shredding sterilization machine

Wear-Resistant Blades

The blades used in these machines are made of high quality steel and are resistant to wear. In this way, the machine can operate uninterruptedly and efficiently for a long time.

Medical waste shredding sterilization machine

Long Maintenance Intervals

Medical waste shredding machine has long maintenance intervals thanks to its robust structures and durable components. This feature ensures uninterrupted operation of healthcare institutions and reduces maintenance costs.


Reliable, Powerful, MWB-Series Medical Waste Shredding and Sterilization Machine;

Medical wastes are hazardous wastes originating from healthcare institutions and requiring special treatment. Disposing of these wastes safely and effectively is extremely important for both environmental and public health. Medical waste shredding machines are industrial equipment that offers high efficiency and durability, designed to meet these requirements.

Our medical waste shredding machines have a wide range of uses in various healthcare institutions and industrial facilities. Hospitals and clinics that generate large amounts of medical waste manage their waste safely and effectively by using medical waste shredding machines. Laboratories use medical waste shredding machines to dispose of biological and chemical waste. These facilities fulfill environmental and public health protection duties by using medical waste shredding machines for large-scale medical waste disposal.

Medical waste shredding sterilization machine

Advantages of TSH-Series Single Shaft Shredder;

Medical waste shredding sterilization machine

Shredding is an important part of medical waste disposal. The technical requirements of medical waste shredder are generally very high. Because medical waste contains not only hard materials such as metal and glass, but also soft materials such as cotton thread, bandages and PPE. Our double shaft medical waste shredding machine is designed to adopt the harsh working conditions of medical waste disposal, prevent reuse by destroying medical waste, and reduce the volume and size of medical waste after sterilization. It is used safely in medical waste facilities or hospitals.

Medical waste shredding machine consists of shredder, control cabinet, container lift, hopper and optional closed conveyor. Our machine works as a heavy-duty double-shaft shredder and is equipped with wear-resistant steel blades.

Medical Waste Shredder and Sterilization Machine
Performance and Efficiency

Medical waste shredding sterilization machine

Double Shaft Design

The CS-Series has two main shafts that break down medical waste. The shafts rotate at high torque and low speed, ensuring effective shredding of medical waste.

Medical waste shredding sterilization machine

Energy efficiency

The medical waste shredding machine is equipped with engines and systems that provide high energy efficiency. In this way, operating costs are reduced and environmental impacts are reduced.

Tıbbi atık parçalama sterilizasyon makinesi

Automatic Loading Elevator

These machines have automatic loading elevators that enable easy and safe loading of medical waste. This feature increases the safety of operators and speeds up business processes.

Medical waste shredding sterilization machine

Sturdy Construction

Made from heavy-duty steel, it withstands harsh working conditions.

Medical Waste Shredder and Sterilization Machine with Front Crusher for medical waste disposal applications;

Energy-saving technology is especially important for shredding machines used in continuous operation to shred solid waste. Therefore, TSH-Series solid waste shredders use cutting tools with a special solid waste shredder blade design, while consuming very little energy. Additionally, if no material is fed into the shredding machine for a certain period of time, the engine automatically shuts down. This saves energy while also reducing operating costs.


All single-shaft shredding machines in the TSH series can be specifically tailored to your requirements with peripheral devices such as discharge augers, conveyor belts, metal separators or pipe magnets. We offer comprehensive, turnkey solutions from the manufacturer!

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Motor Gücü (kW)

Optional Features

  • It effectively breaks down all hard or soft medical waste.

  • Hydraulic pressure unit helps to shred medical waste effectively and quickly. It also automatically cuts off the printing in case of jam.

  • No, we have different rotor designs according to the desired output dimensions.

  • No, different types of steel are used depending on the waste to be shredded. Hardness values of steel are also applied according to the waste.

  • Thanks to the fixed blades in the shredder, waste does not get stuck in the rotor.

  • Feeding can be done manually, by container lift or by conveyor.

  • In case of jamming, the rotor stops working and rotates in the opposite direction thanks to the automation system. The light and audible warning system on the panel is activated.

  • The automation system has a user-friendly touch panel. Thanks to this panel, you can see all the necessary information and make relevant interventions from the settings page.

  • The warranty period is one year. The warranty period can be extended optionally.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Optional Features

  • Front Shredding Sterilization Unit

  • End Crushing Double Shaft Crusher

  • Hydro Engine Driven

  • Four Motor Design

  • Different Blade Materials

  • Stainless Steel Chassis

  • Container Lift Elevator

  • Discharge Conveyor