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  • Safe destruction system in a completely closed environment

  • Easy filter replacement

  • Disposal of different types of lamps

  • Quick barrel change

For fluorescent lamp disposal applications, FLOBER Fluorescent Lamp Breaker;

FLOBER Fluorescent Lamp Crushing Machine is designed to destroy toxic gases in fluorescent lamps and other lighting products, which are classified as hazardous waste. It contains three filter systems. The exhaust outlet provides clean air completely free of toxic gases. The entire system is built on the lid of a standard metal barrel. When the barrel is full, the operator can easily install the system into the empty barrel by unlocking the lid and continue working.

Advantages of FLOBER Fluorescent lamp breaking machine;

Fluorescent Lamp Crushing Machine is a standard machine. It is approved by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Flober can be used safely in all electronic waste collection centers, recycling facilities and factories with its intensive sealing measures. The products you can dispose of with Flober are as follows: You can safely use it in fluorescent illuminators, flat fluorescent lamps, CFL energy-saving bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps, household light bulbs, and high-intensity discharge lamps.


Dust Filter Replacement: 1000 lamps
Hepa Filter Replacement: 5 barrels
Activated Carbon Filter Replacement: 10 barrels
It traps mercury vapor and glass powder 

Easy and fast filter change

Mounted on standard metal drum After destruction

clean exhaust gas output