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Hydromotor Metal Shredder

Metal Shredding Machines: An Effective Solution in Industrial Waste Management:

Nowadays, the management and recycling of industrial waste is becoming increasingly important. The metal shredding machines used in this process attract attention with their robust structure and high performance. In this article, the features and functions of metal shredding machines used in industrial waste management will be discussed.

Performance Strengthened by Solid and Durable Blades:

One of the most important features of metal shredding machines is that they have strong and durable blades. These knives offer superior performance in thick and heavy duty tasks. Moving and dead blades made of alloy steel provide high torque resistance, excellent strength and longevity.

Ability to Deal with Various Materials:

Metal shredding machines are capable of dealing with a variety of materials. They can effectively shred scrap metal pieces and can also deal with different materials such as wooden nails. They can also be used to shred materials such as waste tires, wood, recycling straw and automobiles.

Wide Application Area and High Efficiency:

Metal shredding machines have a wide range of applications. Telephone type scrap metal shredder/metal plate crusher machine is designed for processing various raw materials. They also provide an effective solution for cutting, tearing and reducing the size of plastic waste. In addition, this technological device, which is suitable for first crushing and then shredding raw materials, provides high efficiency in industrial waste management.

Features and Capacity:

Metal shredding machines are usually equipped with high-power motors. For example, a metal shredding machine with an engine power of 4 x 90 KW can process up to a capacity of 15-20 tons/hour. The rotor size is generally 1800 mm. The blade material is produced from hardened steel specially designed for the product.


Metal shredding machines have an important role in industrial waste management. With their robust structure, high performance and wide application areas, they offer an ideal solution for various industrial enterprises. The use of metal shredding machines is becoming increasingly common in order to increase efficiency in waste management and reduce environmental impact.